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Education Support

As higher education moves further into a world of increasing competition and more demanding students, the processes and systems that support education will experience increasing pressure to be not only reliable and effective but also to innovative and evolve. 


Technology used to be about storing and presenting data, mainly to support administration.  Increasingly it is enabling fundamental changes in the processes of education itself.  MOOCs may or may not find a viable delivery model but they are certainly affecting the public view of what might be available and possible in education.  Likewise the rise of social media is changing the way we are able to share information while learning and researching.  Managing student data across an institution has long presented challenges.  Systems now allow us to turn this data into information that supports retention and tailor the learning experience accordingly.   There are risks to managing these activities but also major opportunities for enhanced learning, research and marketing.


The role of HE is also being questioned and expanded.  Employability has become an important component, which is having an impact on both the curriculum, and teaching and learning methods like work based learning and placements.   These present their own administrative and management challenges.  Likewise academic management is not easy in the midst of all these challenges.  Questions we should consider include:  Which structures are most effective?  How do we allocate resources effectively?  Do we need to change the curriculum portfolio?