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SUMS Sustainability Statement

SUMS takes responsibility for any impact that our activities may have on the environment, the economy and society. We aim to sustain economic and social growth while ensuring minimal impact on the environment. We approach these issues ethically and transparently. 


Economic sustainability

SUMS Consulting, a not-for-profit organisation, actively promotes and supports the development of good practice in higher education.  We work to obtain maximum efficiency and productivity in our activities and contribute to the local economy whenever possible.


Social sustainability


We support small and medium sized enterprises and local businesses and provide a safe and fair working environment with equal opportunities for all employees.  We adhere to the highest standards of human rights practices and international labour laws.


Environmental sustainability

SUMS supports the University of Reading’s Green and Clean Scheme (https://www.reading.ac.uk/cleanandgreen/).  Through the scheme, SUMS aims to reduce its carbon footprint, recycle the majority of our waste and develop sustainable travel plans for employees.


When purchasing office resource and materials, SUMS takes advantage of services available through the Southern Universities Purchasing Consortium, an organisation that obtains value for money in purchasing while also considering sustainability requirements.