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How does SUMS work?
Set up by a group of universities, SUMS is wholly owned by its Members and undertakes consultancy assignments for the shared benefit of those Members.Assignments can address issues that are particular to an individual institution, or they could be designed to find common solutions to issues that are faced by the sector as a whole.

Our consultants are experts in strategy and planning, business processes, IS and management accounting. We have particular strengths in understanding HE systems and processes, as well as carrying out organisational and departmental reviews.

Each SUMS member organisation agrees a programme of assignments with SUMS, which is paid for through an annual subscription. Assignments can be individual or collaborative, but each is tailored to the specific organisation's culture and needs.

What are the Work Themes?

SUMS Consulting works across many areas of Higher Education. Our strengths and capabilities can be explored in the Work Themes area of our website. We have defined a number of themed areas and explored both what we can offer and what work we have done of relevance in this area already.

Please navigate through the themes and sub-themes, read case studies and access assignment summaries where these are of interest to you.

What are the membership options available?

We provide two membership options, each offering the same core benefits but allowing for different numbers of consulting days. Membership subscription fees cover SUMS' rolling work programme. Our consultants also carry out additional assignments for Members, which are charged at a Members' day rate.

All SUMS Member organisations will nominate a Member Representative who works with their SUMS Key Contact to arrange consulting assignments. Key Contacts are experienced management consultants who will work closely with Members to understand their needs.
Members are asked to channel their requests for assignments through their nominated Member Representative to their Key Contact within SUMS Consulting, available in the Our Members section.

SUMS Members have access to our management consultancy services, our expert staff, our extensive knowledge base and a range of valuable seminars, support groups and workshops which also provide useful networking opportunities. Please visit our Member Benefits page for a full list of benefits available to SUMS Members.

If you would like to find out more about SUMS Membership options and subscription fees, please Contact Us.

Not a SUMS Member?

SUMS Consulting is paid for through an annual membership subscription and no additional charge is made for services undertaken within SUMS' annual work programme. We are also able to undertake occasional additional work outside of the core programme for Members or for non-member universities at attractive fee rates.

Contact us to find out about our current availability and rates.