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For UK universities to continue to be successful and compete internationally, most universities need to look at transforming their business model or at a minimum, significantly streamline their operations and asset base, at the same time as incorporating new teaching and learning delivery mechanisms. SUMS with its deep knowledge of the sector understands the drivers for change; the key ones being digital technologies that will transform the delivery of teaching, fiercely competitive markets and pressures upon government funding.  Private providers will bring the higher education sector closer to other sectors.  We understand the implications for universities.   Some universities will need to fundamentally reshape and refine the services and markets they operate in and their operations – they will need to create a new business model.


SUMS Consulting works in partnership with our Members to help them understand their business models, the opportunities and risks and how they might be transformed.   We work with them to determine if, where and how they may need to transform. We have found our Members are looking to ensure a greater alignment between strategic outcomes and operational improvements.