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SUMS Lean Presentation at AUA 2017

11 Apr 2017

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Claire Taylor
#AUA2017 - Manchester

The University of Oxford recently piloted Lean as a structured, participative approach to change. Lean was chosen because its foci on customer value and reduction of waste matched the Academic Administration Division's (AAD) requirement for a methodology which would engage staff and release resource capacity by reducing wasted effort. SUMS Consulting was asked to introduce Lean concepts to the Academic Administration Division at the University and to facilitate a number of Lean workshops focusing on processes related to student fees and funding. This presentation brought together three perspectives on Lean. Firstly, the academic background to the methodology and how it has been used in other sectors. Secondly, the Oxford experience and how it has changed Oxford's approach to change in its academic administration. Lastly, a wider sector experience of Lean and similar methodologies.


Scenario used in AUA workshop
Draft Workplan for RIE
Short Introduction to Lean