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Special Interest Group for Timetablers

09 Nov 2017

Start Time:
End Time:
Andrea Buttle
Boardroom, Woburn House, Tavistock Square, WC1H 9HQ

There are four themes to the day based on the work SUMS has undertaken over the last year with the universities of Leeds, Dundee, Keele, Nottingham Trent, Westminster and Queen Mary University of London.


1. Data and Skills Healthcheck
Anne Johnson will present some of the tricks and tips she imparts when asked into a university to look at data and skills.


2. Benchmarking space in London
Andrea will talk about poor occupancy. She postulates that the teaching Estate is not keeping up with the way in which student number changes are impacting class sizes.


3. Working with Estates
Key to addressing the problem of poor room occupancy is the need to work well with Estates. In this workshop session, Timetablers will be asked to distil good practice.


4. Oxford Brookes – closing a campus
There may come a time when it makes sense to close a campus. Oxford Brookes is in the process of doing this and the Brookes Timetabler will discuss the implications for Timetablers.