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Special Interest Group for Space Managers

14 Jul 2017

Start Time:
End Time:
Andrea Buttle
Little Woodhouse Room, University House, University of Leeds

SUMS Consulting is delighted to invite you to a Special Interest Group for Space Managers.  SUMS recognizes that space managers are often sole positions in a University and the intent of the Group is to:

  • Share and define good practice in space management
  • Build a support network for Space Managers.

The themes for the day are:

  • Understanding your University’s Strategy and the implications for the Estate
  • Responding to Change – a case study looking at sizing social learning spaces
  • Performance management – what makes for a useful measure.

The meeting will be opened by our hosts, the University of Leeds, who will talk about the key drivers impacting their Estates capital programme.  The University has recently engaged in some excellent new build and refurbishment of both library and lecture theatre spaces.  They will talk through their plans with an optional tour for attendees.

University of Bristol will then talk about the sizing of a proposed new library and how this relates to the wider social learning space within a university.  SUMS supported this work by undertaking a benchmarking study looking at new library spaces which included Leeds.  This benchmarking exercise brought into question what are the best measures to compare and how efficiently can you run your Estate without sacrificing student experience.

This leads to the final session where a university with low space per student will talk about the difficulties associated with operating with little leeway and SUMS will instigate a discussion on what makes for a good space measure and what makes for a good margin for unforeseen circumstances.

It will be limited to twenty people to keep the session interactive.

Please see agenda available for download below. 

If you have any further questions about this event, please contact Andrea Buttle, Principal Consultant a.buttle@reading.ac.uk 


Agenda - Space Managers SIG 14 July 2017
Invitation - Space Managers SIG 14 July 2017